TACHO•API algorithms are used by

20 European control authorities

such as the Police, Road Transport Inspections or Labour Inspections.

kontroler analizuje czas pracy kierowcy

Supply TACHO•API with data

send to TACHO•API server data downloaded remotely from vehicles (CAN-BUS, PIN-D8).

Download analytical reports on driver’s activity and vehicle

On the basis of the transferred data, TACHO•API will generate PDF reports summarizing all activities and infringements of driving time and will make an hourly record of the driver’s working time (Polish customers only).

Reports generated from TACHO•API

18 PDF reports regarding the analysis of driver’s working time and vehicle

List of available reports:

raport tachoapi - szczegółowa lista aktywności

3 100

Monthly generated reports


Types of reports




Penalties tariffs


System monitoring

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