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Real-Time Analysis of 29 Days Calculation of Local Penalties 100% Compliant With EU Regulations Driver Warned Before Offence

Over 20 Reports For Vehicle & Driver Analysis

Multiple Languages & Tables of Penalties

Integrate driving and rest time analysis into your system.

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    3 Easy Steps


    Tachograph Data

    Read current status of the digital tachograph via Fleet Management Interface (PIN- D8) of the digital tachograph or via CAN-BUS.

    PIN-D8 Interface


    Infringement Alerter

    Send tachograph status to Alerter Service and receive XML with complete analysis and calculated penalties. Display the advice to the driver on a GPS message device.


    Analysis Reports

    Prepare your web or desktop application to upload DDD files read from driver cards. Send them to TACHO•API and make all our reports available to your Customers.


    Road Time Infringements

    TACHO•API service includes the analysis of driving, breaks and rest time infringements according to Regulation 561/2006. Customers are able to calculate fines according to 15 European tables of penalties (i.e. British, Romanian, Spanish).

    GPS Integration

    If there is no data from the digital tachograph or driver card files, reports are generated on the basis of the GPS signal. Your Customers won't have to scan analogue charts any more!

    Card & Tachograph Data

    Driver card files are saved and analysed automatically thanks to remote card download devices. TACHO•API also accepts data from the fleet management interface in the rear panel of a digital tachograph.

    Real-Time Analysis

    Driving, rest and break times infringements are analysed in real time. Every driver is informed about the total amount of penalties for infringements within 29-day control period - as if he were inspected every 15 minutes on the road.

    Infringements Alerter Service

    Every 15 minutes a driver is warned if there is a rest needed based on the Real-Time Analysis. It includes daily and weekly rests, daily and weekly drive and divided breaks. This is more accurate and complex than the warnings in the digital tachograph itself.

    Legal Protection

    Transport companies are liable for infringements commited by drivers unless there is clear evidence that the company cannot be held responsible. History of alerts sent to drivers is a legal protection compliant with Art. 10.3 of EU Reg. 561/2006.


    TACHO•API integrate driving time analysis into your system 

    Easily create an application with your own brand or just integrate driver time analysis into Your system without much effort. The advantages of integrating TACHO•API into your application are the following:

    • Implementation of various report formats PDF, XLS, HTML etc in multiple languages – English, Spanish, Polish, Romanian, Russian (German, French, Italian soon)
    • Possible integration with different programming platforms including PHP, HTML, ASP.NET, C++, C#, JAVA, Python, Delphi and more
    • Using our know-how – you don’t waste your time into developing your own system. It really requires time and proper knowledge. Start making profit right now
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