Real-time analysis of drivers' working time for your customers

API service with automatic analysis of drivers’ working time dedicated to GPS monitoring systems. Drive safely and without fines.

połączenie tachografu z danymi w sieci oraz z programem
How does it work?


Download data from the tachograph

Check the current activities of the digital tachograph via CAN-BUS and PIN-D8, and then send these data to TACHO•API.


Receive infringements alerts

TACHO•API server in response to the received data generates XML or JSON files that will be used to display the alert.


Download analytical reports

Based on the received data, it is possible to generate 17 different types of reports in PDF format.


Pobieraj raporty ewidencji czasu pracy

Dane z tachografu służą do przygotowania raportów dla różnych systemów rozliczania czasu pracy. Raporty generowane są w formacie PDF.

uśmiechnięty kierowca w ciężarówce

Infringements alert

The system takes into account daily and weekly driving period, daily and weekly rests and necessary rests compensation.

Generating an alert in the system takes only 300 ms.

Infringements reports

TACHO•API service includes an analysis of driving time, breaks and rests infringements in accordance with the Regulation 561/2006 EC

The system enables the calculation of penalties/fines compliant with 24 European penalty tariffs.

prezentacja na komputerze podgląd naruszeń dzięki tachoapi
kierowca kobieta obsługuje tachograf

Data from driver’s card and digital tachograph

Files from driver’s card and tachograph mass memory are downloaded automatically and then analyzed by TACHO•API system.

In addition to digital files,TACHO•API also accepts data downloaded from the rear tachograph connection port (PIN-D8).

Ongoing analysis

Driving time, break and rest infringements are analyzed in real-time.

Thanks to our solution, each driver is knowledgeable about the total amount of offenses committed during the 29-day control period.

kobieta w pracy analizuje wykres na komputerze
ziemia gps sieć połączeń satelitarnych

Integracja GPS

TACHO•API service handles data from the tachograph, driver’s card and PIN-D8, which were previously sent from the vehicle via the GPS system.

Offer all features under your own brand

TACHO•API w łatwy sposób usprawnia prowadzenie wymaganej przepisami prawa ewidencji czasu pracy oraz optymalizuje proces rozliczania kierowców.​

mężczyzna pracujący na telefonie

Offer all features under your own brand

Integrate TACHO•API with your own telematic system.

Why is it worth to implement TACHO•API?

  • You will expand your product portfolio and increase your customer base
  • You will gain a stable partner and confidence that the proposed solutions comply with applicable regulations
  • You will receive a ready programming solution based on a multi-annual know-how, resulting, i.a. from the cooperation with control authorities
korzyści związane z integracją z tachoapi – ręka przedstawia wykres wzrostowy

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